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Canterbury Pubs & Restaurants & Nightlife

For its size Canterbury is not too well endowed with good eating places. There are however some hidden secrets if you know where to look. They can now through these web pages offer you the full girth of their experience to pinpoint their top tips for the best places to eat in Canterbury.


Canterbury Restaurants

The cathedral city of Canterbury appears to have chosen to go the way of bistro dining as opposed to traditional restaurant. The emphasis is on small, well run establishments, offering flavours for around the globe. Tuo e Mio and Tapas en las Trece proffer Italian and Spanish meals respectfully and to an excellent standard. Papa Yums brings a taste of the Caribbean to this cathedral city, with its cuisine and the bright traditional murals adorning the walls. Cafe des Amis delights in a fusion of both Mexican and French flavours, an unusual marriage which works beautifully. Fatty Arbuckle's American Diner brings forth huge burgers and steaks to satisfy any appetite.

Lloyds is found in the Westgate area of the city, well known for its eateries and is housed in a wonderful historic building, with classic features such as original beams. The atmosphere is welcoming yet reserves some sense of style, and the menu mirrors this feature. Good, hearty ingredients are crafted into dishes with different international inspiration. Vegetarians are catered for with changing specials. The restaurant even places its menus on the Internet so that its offerings can be perused before arriving. All in all, Lloyds is a great place to experience the best Canterbury has to offer.


Canterbury Pubs & Nightlife

Nightlife in Canterbury is low-key. Opposite Canterbury East station there are two nightclubs in the same building: the Works and Bizz. On the other side of town, the university has art films; mainstream cinema can be had at the MGM, a three-screen cinema on the ring road near St George's Place.